Greater Vancouver Island
Division 17

The Kiwanis Club of Esquimalt Donates Tricycles

The Kiwanis recently donated tricycles to Esquimalt Neighbourhood House Society’s Family Services. Family Services are available to families with children up to 12 years of age. Program goals include: building skills regarding child development and learning; parenting; creating and strengthening support networks for families; and providing families with a sense of belonging in their community and opportunities for involvement. Pre and post-natal programs are available to pregnant women and their families until their babies are 6 months old. These are nutrition based, education programs aimed to improve the health of pregnant women and their babies.

Esquimalt Neighbourhood House Society is a registered charity serving residents of Esquimalt and Greater Victoria for over 35 years. Esquimalt Neighbourhood House is located at 511 Constance Ave. in Esquimalt. A range of free services are provided to low income families and individuals at risk because of poverty, isolation and health issues. Services are offered on and off-site. Services include family resource programs with a focus on children’s early learning and development, pre and post-natal services, mental health and supported counselling. New non-medical services for seniors will be introduced in the summer of 2013. These services are intended to help seniors in Esquimalt remain living in their homes. In addition, the Society plays an active role in the community by participating in various events and committees such as Esquimalt’s Early Childhood Development Committee, Buccaneer Days and Children’s Annual Storytelling Festival.